As 2014 comes to a close, we have left the best promotion till the end.

If you organise for us to install halogen down lights in your home before the Christmas day, you get the down lights for free!eco241012_img01

That’s right, we said it, have the job quoted and planned before Christmas Day, we will give you the light fittings for free, which means you only pay for labour and consumables.

You don’t need to have them installed before Christmas day, just quoted and planned for installation.**

That could be a saving of $350.

As an added bonus, if you want to upgrade to LED down lights and buy a minimum of 5, we will give you the upgraded lights for our exclusive cost price!

Hurry though, these promotions are only available until Christmas Day and only while stocks last!

Click on this link to get the ball rolling!

** To a maximum of 20 fittings and while stocks last. 50 watt ‘Brushed Chrome’ coloured only.