Save on Electricity Energy Monitor

View you power usage every hour, day, month and year.

Worried what your power is costing? Need help to save on electricity bills?

To really help you save on electricity bills, you need to find out what you are using and where. Not sure how much power you are actually using?

Well check this out.

Have AVL Electrical install a Clipsal Ecomind Electricity Meter and take control of your energy bills.

Energy monitoring is the key to successful energy management. The Clipsal Ecomind Electricity Monitor is the most recent development in wireless electricity monitors. It allows you to monitor and analyse your electricity consumption, learn how to save energy and help the environment

With the Ecomind Electricity Monitor you can identify how much electricity is being used, enabling you to make instant changes that will help reduce your energy consumption.

The Ecomind Electricity Monitor will instantly help you save money on your electricity bills by allowing you to take control of your electricity consumption. It can display your usage in dollars ($), kilowatts (kWh) and carbon tonnes (KgCO2), and track your high, lows and changes by the hour, day, week or month.

From just $299 inc. GST supplied and installed for August and September 2016 – Why wait to gain control of your energy costs?

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