With summer right around the corner and the Goldfields copping a few storms already this year, there are a number of simple steps homeowners can take to protect personal safety, preserve electrical equipment, and deal with potential damage to your home’s electrical system.

Follow the checklist below to help get yourself and your property ready ahead of storm season.

#1 – Put safety first

Don’t attempt do-it-yourself repairs if your property suffers storm damage, including your home’s electrical system and any electrical appliances affected. Call us to help.

#2 – Protect the system.

Ask us about having lightning protection installed in your switchboard to protect all appliances. A small investment in surge protection could save you thousands of dollars to replace electrical items.

#3 – Go offline before the storm.

Unplug all sensitive appliances, such as computers and TVs, and disconnect the telephone and TV antenna before the storm arrives.

#4 – Don’t connect during the storm.

Don’t use equipment directly connected to electricity, including the stove, during a severe storm.

#5 – Be wary of wires.

Don’t go outside to check the damage before an electrician arrives, especially during a storm, as fallen power lines are easily concealed and can be deadly.

#6 – Call an electrician and Western Power.

If the wires to your house have been torn down in a blackout, most houses will require internal repairs before the power can be reconnected.  Western Power should be your first point of call to ensure power is safely disconnected. You then need to contact an electrician to make the internal repairs before Western Power returns. Western power will be unable to reconnect your power until the wiring is fixed. Western power’s emergency number is 13 13 51. They are available on the phone 24 hours a day!

#7 – Be confident in your contractor.

If you suffer storm damage on anything electrical, AVL Electrical can take some of the stress off your shoulders.  Call 0418 780 007 or use the online contact system and a licensed electrician will provide urgent assistance ASAP.