Pre-Purchase Property Inspections

Pre-Purchase Property Electrical Inspection

Property Electrical Inspection & Reporting Service

Our Property Electrical Inspection and Reporting Service comments on the electrical condition of a property. It provides you with information on the current state of the electrical system and will give you the information and peace of mind that a trained and highly experience electrical contractor has tested and inspected the property.

A Property Electrical Inspection from us is aimed at investors and first home buyers and works very much like a builder's report.

A standard building inspection is generally only a visual inspection. Electrical wiring, plumbing, drainage and gasfitting  may not be included but may require a special purpose inspection.

Inspection reports that include an estimate of the cost of fixing major problems may be helpful when negotiating the contract with the vendor (which we may include in our inspection, if requested).

The report will also highlight any areas our electrician was unable to access on the day of the property inspection. Our reports include photographs that may show defects and/or areas of concern that the electrician has noticed in the course of the inspection.

Why leave it to chance?

Your biggest investment is more then likely going to be your home so why risk spending a few hundred that could save you thousands in the future?

Repairing electrical

What’s Involved?

Our Perth electrician will inspect all accessible parts of the property and electrical components. These may include:

  • Switchboard and supply meter
  • Switchgear and RCD's
  • Internal (roof space) wiring
  • Internal electrical fittings and smoke alarms
  • Exterior electrical fittings
  • Solar system
  • A/C units
  • Bore Pumps
  • Sheds/Garages
  • A list of recommendations and/or requirements derived from the inspection

What do the inspections cost?

How much could an inspection save you?


Our basic electrical property inspection consists of:

A basic visual inspection of the switchboard, internal fixtures and external fittings (immediate exterior only).

A test of the RCDs and Smoke Alarms in the property to ensure function and compliance.

A report of our inspection with recommendations and/or requirements for the transfer of title.

$249.90 including GST


Our comprehensive electrical property inspection consists of:

An in depth inspection and testing of the:

  • Switchboard and switchgear
  • Main earthing system
  • Internal wiring
  • Internal fittings and fixtures.
  • Roof space cavity wiring.
  • External fittings and fixtures (immediate exterior only)

A test of the RCDs and Smoke Alarms in the property to ensure correct function and compliance.

A thorough check for outdated and/or substandard wiring (where accessible).

A check for any obvious signs of DIY electrical work.

Various photos of our findings.

Property compliance information.

A comprehensive report of our inspection with recommendations and/or requirements for the transfer of title as well as a basic indication of price for required electrical work.


$349.90 including GST

Above prices are for an average size 4 bedroom 2 bathroom single storey home only. Please contact us should you require customised pricing.

We only provide basic checks on solar systems, A/C units, pools, spas and bore pumps (at $49.00 incl. GST each) and recommend hiring a trained specialist if a thorough check is required.