Pre-Purchase Property Inspections

Property Electrical Inspection and Reporting Service

AVL Electrical Services offer a fabulous service aimed at property owners or soon to be property owners. A property electrical inspection reporting service.

A property electrical inspection from us is aimed at investors and first home buyers and works very much like a builder's report.

It gives you the information and knowledge about the property and ensures there are no hidden hazards or costly repairs required.

A standard building inspection is generally only a visual inspection. Electrical wiring, plumbing, drainage and gas fitting  may not be included but may require a special purpose inspection.

Inspection reports that include an estimate of the cost of fixing major problems may be helpful when negotiating the contract with the vendor (which we always include in our inspection).


Why should I get an electrical inspection?

There are a number of reasons why you should have electrical inspections done regularly. The most important is, of course, safety. Generally speaking, without regular and thorough electrical inspections, the first sign that there is something wrong is when there is a major problem. A problem like a fire, electric shock or electrocution.

By having a regular property electrical inspection, you reduce the chances of any hazards occurring and ensure your property is compliant with current Australian standards.

If you are a business operator, under the Occupational Health and Workplace Safety Act you are required to provide a safe workplace for your employees. Therefore you are legally obliged to make sure that you have done everything you can to ensure their safety. An electrical inspection will pick up any electrical hazards that remain unseen and ensures employee and customer safety.


What will happen during an electrical inspection?

Property Electrical Inspection
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It depends on what you are having tested. Our electricians will check all switches, power points, switchgear and wiring to ensure that there are no faults. They will make sure that all your safety switches and smoke alarms are operating correctly and then tell you what needs your attention.

Why should I use AVL Electrical Services for the inspection?

The fully trained and qualified electricians from AVL will provide you with a comprehensive inspection report. Then talk you through what might need to be done in layman’s terms. We pride ourselves on our honest, professional and friendly service. Our reports are generally over 5 pages long with in depth details and recommendations about the property.

Pre Purchase Electrical Inspections

  • Written report mailed or emailed to you within three working days from when the inspection is done.
  • Licensed, qualified electrician performing the inspection.
  • Fully itemized quote to rectify faults so you can negotiate a better buying price, if required.
  • Assurance all inspections are completed thoroughly and particular.
  • Knowing you won’t have any extra surprises when looking at doing electrical improvements to your new home.
  • Save Big $ for a small investment.

Total cost for this work = $199 Inc GST!